Monday, September 29, 2008

Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan ? What is wrong!!!

What happened to this couple?? There is no comment, no rumour related to this couple. Are they both alright or had a BREAK OFF???This couple is not seen together nowadays and it seems Katrina Kaif is a bit career oriented. From first only she did not like Salman interfering in her career related matters but it seems they had a nice fight regarding that.In the year 2007 we've seen many break offs. Jab We Met's Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor, Lara Dutta and Kelly Dorjee etc etc.....

Hope so Salman and Katrina don't enter in this list!!!! Also it is heard that Katrina is not going to attend Sallu brother's birthday coz she is going somewhere for a trip with her family......
This sounds a bit wierd, but what can we say. Their wish!!! But the question is that, is Katrina trying to avoid Salman Khan?? What could be the reason behind it.Poor guy!!always has to face some or the other problem. "Aishwarya aur Bijlani ne choda ab Katrina ki baari".


Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif at 10 Ka Dum

It was the most awaited moment of '10 ka Dum' when Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan were face to face on the same stage.Katrina said she would give the money she wins to Salman's charity but he magnanimously said "No you give it to your mum's charity - Hope Reach." Together they insisted on giving it to each other's charity.But the pretty lady was really peeved when she didn't get even one answer right.

Katrina Kaifs Engagement

You'd think after the umpteen tamashas that boyfriend Salman Khan did, including the one on her birthday, Katrina Kaif would be thinking of kissing him goodbye. But Kat's done the opposite. She actually got engaged to the bad boy before heading out for her birthday party where the spat between Sallu miyan and Shahrukh Khan took place.

An insider told us that the engagement happened before Salman's family members. The two exchanged rings and confirmed their commitment to each other. We hear Salman has decided to tie the knot with Katrina in a year's time.

"Salman wants to keep things under wraps because he doesn't want publicity affecting his relationship with Katrina. They will be married within a year if everything goes well," said our source.

Sallu's paranoia is understandable. His relationship with Aishwarya Rai was much hyped and ended on a bitter note. So he's even told his family members to stay mum. "All the members of his family have been advised to remain tight-lipped. So though it's happened officially, no one in the family is celebrating," said the mole.

Hmmm… well, let them not. We sure will. After all, despite his shenanigans, Salman is one of the most eligible bachelors of the film industry. In fact, we'd say he's a veteran in the field of most eligible bachelorhood. And Kat's belled him.

Katrina Kaif is smiling a lot these days

Katrina Kaif is smiling a lot these days. She has reasons to – five of her consecutive films have been hits, something that even top heroines can't boast of. Namastey London, Apne, Partner, Welcome and Race, all have put her in the bracket of top actresses. It's been six years that Katrina's been around, but the last couple of years have been satisfying to say the least. "I feel grateful. It's wonderful when people want to see your films. It proves that my work is appreciated," she says.

But Katrina Kaif acknowledges that some of her films have not done well also. "I guess you can't predict which film will do well and which won't. If success is in your fate, no one can take it from you," smiles the pretty actress.

The last year has been very good for Katrina. This year too she's been on a roll, having signed a Rs 6-crore deal with Studio 18. A number of other production houses also have been chasing her to sign on the dotted line. We even heard that she's inked a two-film deal with Reliance Big Films and has been paid a whopping sum that leaves rivals Aishwarya Rai and Kareena Kapoor's pay packets behind. "Yes, I have signed a deal with Studio 18 but the films are yet to go on floors. The money is not so important. I have no idea how much Aishwarya and Kareena are paid. But I am happy to be counted among them. I am years junior to them and being compared to them is a high. It does mean a lot to me," smiles the pretty actress. She, however, dismisses rumours of a deal with Reliance Big Films. "There's no point in signing a lot of films and not doing justice to them. I don't want to work just for money. I already have too many films in hand."

Katrina has worked with many of A-list heroes, from Salman Khan to Saif Ali Khan to Akshay Kumar. "I am lucky to have worked with A-listers. The more you work them, the more experience you gain. And I firmly believe that if you work sincerely, you are accepted by people easily." The one person Katrina is looking forward to working with is Hrithik Roshan.

Many of her rivals have tried their hand with parallel cinema. Ash did films like Raincoat, Provoked and Chokher Bali while Kareena experimented with Omkara and Chameli. Does Katrina also want to go for a deglamourised role? "If the script is good I will. But I do think the audiences prefer me in glam roles and I doubt they will accept me in a role without makeup. I won't do such a project just for the heck of it," she replies.

Soon, the lady will be seen with beau Salman Khan in Yuvraj. She's returning with her hit hero Akshay Kumar yet again in Vipul Shah's Singh Is Kinng, taking to three the total number of films she has done with him. "It's a typical 'masala' film. I am also doing a Yash Raj Films project with John Abraham and Neil Mukesh and a Raj Kumar Santoshi film with Ranbir Kapoor, both of which will go on the floors by the end of the year," Katrina elaborates.

That's as far as her work goes. Though she has not admitted to being Salman's off-screen love, Katrina has no qualms admitting she gets along famously with her beau's family. "Salman's mother is a lovely lady. His sisters are also very nice. It's a wonderful family and they care for me a lot. I bond with them very well," she says.

Bonding with their to-be 'bahu'? Maybe later, but for now, Kat's happy being the Bollywood cream.

Malaika's son has huge crush on Katrina Kaif

Guess who is eyeing Salman Khan's girlfriend Katrina Kaif? It's none other than his four year-old-nephew Arhaan, son of Malaika Arora and Arbaaz!

'My four-year-old son Arhaan has the most incurable crush on Katrina. Whenever she's around, I become completely unimportant to my son,' Malaika told IANS.

'It's a family joke that Arhaan is smitten by Katrina. Every time Katrina and I speak she wants to know where Arhaan is so she could take him out,' she said.

After Katrina, Kareena Kapoor too is a favourite with the little boy.

'When Arbaaz and I visited Kareena's location in Hollywood last month, Arhaan became a total lamb. I ceased to exist. Everything was about Kareena only. And I was shocked when my boy, who gives me a hard time feeding him, would ask for everything that Kareena ordered at restaurants and eat quietly without taking his eyes off Kareena,' said Malaika, who's known for her dance moves in hit songs like Chaiyya chaiyya.

Far from sharing cold vibes with Salman's friend Katrina, Malaika actually shares a good rapport with the actress who has written new box office rules by giving six back-to-back hits.

So what are these stories about Malaika's cold war with Katrina?

'There's absolutely nothing to this talk of my cold war with Katrina. I've no space or time for having these kinds of issues with people. I feel life is too precious for these kinds of run-ins.

'It was written that I didn't attend Katrina's birthday. But I was shooting for my reality show (Zara Nach Ke Dikha) and I couldn't make it. Is that a crime? Are there laws against skipping a family gathering because I was working?

'It was said I didn't go to Katrina's birthday because I couldn't get along with her. Bullshit! And now we're supposed to have shared cold vibes with Katrina at Salman's sister birthday party. Why would I spoil Arpita's party by behaving like such a party-pooper?'

Malaika says she's a total family woman.

'These are very upsetting rumours because it involves the entire family. I'm such a family person. I'd drop anything for family. Katrina isn't someone I hang around with every day or go out with for coffees and lunches. But she's part of our family and I completely respect her presence.

'But, no, she isn't part of my close friends' circle. Both of us come from decent families. My parents would slap me if I misbehaved with anyone, least of all Katrina who is part of our family.'

'No one from Arbaaz's side or my own side of the family can accuse me of behaving highhandedly or aloof. I go out of my way for family. My mother would kick my ass if I behaved like a prima donna. Someone is obviously getting a lot of pleasure by spreading these rumours.'

Katrinas' Hindi Lessons

Katrina is learning Hindi and has also taken dance classes, to survive in Bollywood.